Beautiful, natural, fun school photography



We will present you with a minimum of three photographs per child, and two photographs per sibling group. 

Occasionally there are more if we've struggled to decide which you'd like best. 
No, we present you with the absolute best photographs possible. Asking to see any eyes-shut, misfocused photos would be like asking us to walk around in our underwear. 🤣 
In order to keep school photography prices low, we only perform a very basic level of editing across all images. We can provide a greater level of editing but would need to charge for our time. 
Digital downloads will arrive within a few hours, direct to the email address you supplied. 

Orders which you've paid postage on will arrive within 2 weeks. 

Batch orders will arrive at your school/nursery within 3 weeks of you placing the order. 
We make every effort to take photos of all children, however, sometimes they're not able to attend. We occasionally run wash-up sessions at our Linlithgow based studio, please get in touch to see if one is available. 
We do our very best to ensure each child looks as clean and tidy as possible before they have their photograph taken – but ultimately they are the masters of their own appearance!
No, sorry. In order to keep prices low our ordering system is entirely automated. The packages and products that are available are all we can offer. 
Yes! This was key for us after years of frustrating package buying. You can create packages with mixed photos of a child. 
Each child is presented in a single gallery, with a unique ID number. Sibling photographs are within one child's gallery (usually the eldest). If you would like to purchase one gallery of all digital images, the price is £40 and you can do this from within the system. 

If however, you'd like to purchase all the digitals of all your children - thank you! Please get in touch by email and we'll provide you with a special discount code, bringing the price of multiple galleries to £60. This price is fixed regardless of whether you have 2 or 8 children. 
Please view the video above if you're having trouble ordering. If you're still stuck, please get in touch.
No, sorry. In order to make it fair to all customers, all deadlines are final. 
We work very hard to make the photography environment as relaxed and welcoming as possible. We chat with your children, tell jokes, be silly – do whatever we can to help them relax and feel at ease to give us a smile. However occasionally, despite our best efforts,  children just aren't up for smiling, and we will NEVER force them or harrass them until they do. 
No, sorry. All orders must be placed through the system. 
Yes, of course! Please click below to get in touch so we can chat!
No, we haven't. School photos are taken using special techniques to ensure colour accuracy. Every photo is edited in exactly the same way. This cuts down on time, which enables us to keep school prices low. Also, we don't edit kids skin... we think they look great just as they are.
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