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fun, natural and self-esteem boosting

School photography in scotland

So many of us hate having our photos taken. Memories of uncomfortable school or family photography sessions with forced smiles and weird poses haunt a LOT of us.

What if we could create a different narrative for our children? A positive, fun, self-esteem-boosting experience that they look forward to every year? Photos that they proudly look at when they're older - a reminder of their growth and achievements. 

This is what we do. 

We've created a school and nursery photography experience that is both distinctive and fun. We produce photos that show children at their very best, capturing their character without forced smiles. Our school photography is the kind people want to display on their walls proudly. No more buying because you think you 'should'. These are beautiful photographs that you and your children will treasure. 

It’s a boutique photographic experience at a school photo price.

lots of fun


FUN - We want children to enjoy getting their pictures taken!
EASE - We want a stress-free experience for schools, children and parents/carers
GREAT COMMUNICATION - Goes without saying, we think!
WARMTH, FRIENDLINESS AND APPROACHABILITY - We put a lot of effort into ensuring that your child feels safe and comfortable through the whole process
RELIABILITY - You can rely on us to do what we say we'll do, when we'll say we'll do it, to our usual high standard
PROFESSIONALISM - Every one of our photographers are professional, full-time photographers, all our products are professional quality and our admin staff of the highest calibre
JOY - We thoroughly enjoy providing this service, and that should permeate throughout everything we do

what's in it for schools?


  • Parents and carers will rave about it
  • High commission earnings invested back into the school
  • Staff headshots thrown in (including printing for office display or Welcome Board use)
  • Easy online ordering system – no paper forms
  • 6 hours of additional free photography time for the school to use for events or promotion throughout the year (for nativity performances, school shows, sports days etc.). All photos from this are either given to the school or sold at 100% profit to the school
  • All equipment and personnel provided (all PVG checked)
  • All parent enquiries handled directly
  • Personal, flexible, tailored service 

WHAT'S IN IT FOR families?


  • Photos you’ll be proud to hang on your wall
  • No forced smiles, just your child, relaxed and natural
  • Fun sessions that your children will enjoy, that will boost their self-esteem
  • Online ordering process, so no more paper forms to be lost
  • Photos that can be delivered to the school or direct to you – your choice
  • Neutral backgrounds to fit in with every home
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We were delighted with the school photos Rebecca did of our kids. She has such a natural way with the kids that easily brings out their personalities in the photos. I have never put a school photo on my wall yet – as the kids just didn’t look like themselves in them – but the ones Rebecca took will not need to stay in the drawer.
Lisa McGarry
My children are 9, 7, 5 and 5 and all have additional needs. Getting photographs is never an easy task! 

The experience itself was perfect. Rebecca worked quickly and smoothly around the children’s anxieties and quirks, making them all feel at ease in a short space of time. 

Then came the proofs. I opened them and actually cried with joy. They were perfect. She’d captured each child beautifully, with their personality shining and it was obvious they were relaxed and feeling comfortable from the smiles at the camera.

 The pictures of all four together are perfect and I will come to Rebecca every year from now on. I am delighted.
Victoria Schofield
My two daughters recently had a school photo shoot with Rebecca – the photos were just brilliant! So easy and natural, capturing both of them perfectly. Precious memories to cherish especially as this is our eldest daughter’s last year at primary school. I cannot recommend Rebecca enough.
Deborah Demick
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Based in Linlithgow, we provide school photography all over Scotland. Most schools book us yearly at a time to suit them. We can be contacted by schools directly, by Parent Councils and other parent groups keen to have us at their school, or by parents themselves. Once initial contact is made, all administration of school photographs is done directly via the school itself. 

If you choose to book, we'll guide you through the whole process to make it easy and stress-free.

Choose dates to suit your school. We can help estimate how long it will take based on your school roll.

It costs nothing for schools to have us come to them. Our income is generated from the sale of the photographs. Our prices are comparable with other school photography companies. Unlike other companies though, we offer the option for parents to make up a photo package with multiple photographs, not just one. You can view our current price list by clicking here.

Optional siblings photographs can either be done within school time or out of hours if preferable. 

We coordinate sibling photographs, ensuring no impact on staff. 
Class and staff photographs thrown in AND 6 hours of photography time included throughout the year - this can be used for school events such as sports days, school plays and more.

We want to become your go-to school photographers - that the children get to know and trust.
Parents and carers can register online for their children to be included. After the session, they are presented with an online gallery with which to view and purchase from - no more paper forms getting lost!
All parent/carer communications are pre-written, enabling office staff to quickly and easily disseminate information. All enquiries are answered by our team - saving admin staff time. 
Fully PVG checked helpers are provided, ensuring there's no impact on staff numbers.  
Our focus is on children enjoying the experience so we achieve natural, relaxed photographs... And they enjoy the process!
Rebecca ensured that my daughter was relaxed so she didn’t put on her “photo pose” but was her natural self. 
The results are the best school photos I have had in years. 
I’m happy to send copies to grandparents, aunts and uncles this year! 

Joanna Whittington
Rebecca's friendly and fun approach put both my daughters at ease straight away. She was professional and efficient, whilst taking the time to make sure details were just right. 

She created a lovely relaxed environment and captured beautiful natural and joyful moments between my daughters, with a good selection of different shots to choose from. 

The best school photos ever, I would highly recommend! 
Pamela Barnes
Rebecca is such a talented photographer. I the photos today and they are so special. My husband said he couldn't believe how she managed to capture their souls in a single photograph-praise indeed! 

Would highly recommend it, Rebecca was so great with my children and it was a relaxed fun session allowing my children to be themselves rather than being asked to pose awkwardly.
Emma McGroarty
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who are we?


I’m an award-winning photographer with over two decades of experience taking photographs professionally. I’m also a wife, a musician and a mum of three who loves nutella, good coffee and fantastic G&Ts.

I am warm, gentle and super easygoing. There is literally nothing that can phase me. 

I bring an ease and cheer to my work that makes me excellent (in particular) with children and families. I adore kids and getting the most delirious giggles out of them at a session is one of the best perks of my job. 


I've a background in Media Libraries and Information management, so organising school photography is right up my street! I'm also a piano teacher and mum of two. 

After years of school photos of my children with unusual poses and odd expressions - I'm thrilled to be able to help Rebecca provide a better school photography experience. 

The school photos Rebecca has taken of my two are natural, relaxed and happy and my children love them!

One of the best bits of my job is getting to know all of your children - putting them at ease (and tidying up their ties!) ahead of having their pictures taken.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. I have a variety of backgrounds to choose from. They are, however, all neutral plain colour in order to ensure the focus is firmly on the children’s beautiful faces. No tropical island or outer space backdrops here I’m afraid…
Not a problem. These can be done on a separate day, or during the individual photos, whichever works best for your school.
Yes, absolutely. These can be done in formal rows or more relaxed in the playground. A digital copy is provided free to the school, and a printed copy is provided with all school photo orders.
About one minute per child, although each child varies. Some are happy to come and have their picture taken with me – they joke around and we get the perfect shot and that’s it. Others need a bit longer to feel comfortable.
I’ll do my best to encourage the children to straighten themselves up before their photos.
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